Alex’s Trail Recommendations

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March 31, 2017
Hi Friends, I’ve done three marathons in the past and to train I run a different route every day of the week in D.C. to make my runs fresh and exciting! I hope you will try some of them out and also share your favorite runs with me ([email protected]).
(Note: the mileage is based on to-and- back from Foggy Bottom)
Monday: The Vern Via Georgetown Heritage Trail (6 miles)
Tuesday: Fletcher’s Cove via the Camp; O Canal towpath (7.2miles)
Wednesday: The National Zoo via Rock Creek Park (7 miles)
Thursday: Tidal Basin and Haines Point via the National Mall (7.7 miles)
Friday: Dalecarlia Tunnel via the Capitol Crescent Trail (10 miles)

Alex Wang

Alex is a second year fellow pursuing a Master of Arts in Applied Economics with a professional placement in the Office of the Vice President for Research.