Apply to be a Presidential Fellow

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Presidential Fellowship. While we historically welcome applications each fall semester, we will be delaying our application process until Spring 2021. 

Please check back in early January 2021 for more details.

Until then, if you are thinking about applying to the Presidential Fellowship, please continue to submit your application(s) to at least one GW graduate school. It is free for you to apply and there is no obligation.


Minimum requirements to be considered for the Presidential Fellowship:

  • Undergraduate GW seniors
  • In good academic and disciplinary standing with the university
  • Completed at least 55 credits in residence at GW
  • A minimum 3.25 cumulative GW GPA by the end of fall senior semester
  • Admitted into a GW master's degree program by spring of senior year, with intention to start the program by the following fall
  • Willing to fulfill the two-year, full-time Presidential Fellowship program.


Students completing combined 5-year bachelor’s/master’s degree programs are eligible for the Presidential Fellowship program so long as they are willing to fulfill the two-year, full-time Presidential Fellowship program commitment which can include  extending the scheduled completion of their master’s degree program and/or pursuing a graduate certificate in addition to their master’s degree. 

Law School students seeking a non-lawyer degree (MSL) are eligible to apply for the Presidential Fellowship.

Law School students seeking professional law degrees (JD/LLM) and Medical School (MD) students are not eligible for the Presidential Fellowship program.  

You may also check out our FAQ video to get some helpful tips on the 2019 application process.

Email [email protected] with any specific questions.