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Max Victory

Max Attends Victory Institute’s 32nd International LGBT Leaders Conference

With the support of the PAF Academic and Professional Development Fund, Max attended Victory Institute’s International LGBT Leaders Conference..

Thank You for Participating in the Selection Process

Sincerest thanks to all PAF alumni who volunteered in the first and second rounds of the PAF Class of 2019 selection process!

Everyday English Class

Teaching International Students Everyday English

Thanks to PAF alumna Yuxuan Shen, international students now have a place to work on their English speaking and listening abilities.

Alex Heritage Trail

Alex’s 10 Under-Appreciated Places in DC

First-year PAF Alex Wang shares his list of 10 under appreciated places in DC, and we want to hear what you would add to the list!

Zinhle in South Africa

Summer Abroad in South Africa

This summer, with the support of the PAF program’s Professional and Academic Development Fund, I studied abroad in South Africa. I curated an independent course where explored cultural diversity theory and expression.

Zunara's ULF Program

From the Suburbs of Maryland to the Mountains of Colorado

This past summer, I was an Affordable Housing Policy Fellow with Senator Mike Johnston’s office in Denver, Colorado, via the Urban Leaders Fellowship.

Alex Wang's Summer

The False Promise of a Relaxing Summer

This May, after knowing that I was selected as a PAF, I bought my ticket back home to Taiwan to enjoy a summer more carefree than I have allowed myself since I began my education in the U.S. five years ago.

Katie's Summer in East Asia

Challenging Cultural Identity in East Asia

In May, I traveled to Seoul, Beijing, and Tokyo for a two-week long trip with my graduate program to learn about advocacy in the global environment.

Grace's Summer Internship at EIG

Interning at the Nexus of Research and Advocacy

This summer I have been interning at the Economic Innovation Group (EIG), and it has been the perfect opportunity to explore my economic policy interests.

Chelsea at Women's Leadership Conference

Building Healthy Lives: 16th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference

On Friday, April 1, Chelsea attend the 16th annual Women’s Leadership Conference (WLC) on the Mount Vernon Campus thanks to financial support from the PAF Professional and Academic Development Fund. This year’s conference focused on “Building Healthy Lives.” Click to read more about Chelsea’s experience.

Kelsey at MW Conference in LA

#MWXX Invades L.A. - Museums and the Web 2016

During the second week in April, Kelsey attended the 20th annual Museums and the Web Conference in Los Angeles to learn how museums are utilizing technology and new media. Not only was Kelsey a volunteer at the event, she was also a graduate student speaker. Click to read more about how Kelsey’s speech caught the museum tech community’s attention.

Health Education Leadership Program

Health Education Leadership Program

On Saturday, March 12, Marcus helped the GW Rodham Institute welcomed over 20 students to its Health Education Leadership Program (HELP). The students engaged in sessions on resume building and heard from an orthopedic surgeon on her path to success. Click to learn more about the workshop.

Interviewing in China

With the support from the PAF Professional and Academic Development Fund, Yuxuan to traveled to China from March 15 to April 1 to and attend the assessment round of a job selection process in Hong Kong. She said that the intensive interviewing process was a great learning experience. Click to read more about Yuxuan’s trip.

Chelsea in Cherokee Nation

Chelsea Spends Spring Break in Cherokee Nation

As many students headed to beaches and sunshine during spring break, I served as a Learning Partner for GW Alternative Breaks in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, better known as Cherokee Nation. I worked alongside GW students in all aspects of service and learning throughout the trip.

Alec at IT Conference in San Francisco

Professional & Academic Development Fund Helps Alec Attend IT Security Conference

While I was one of the youngest attendees at the RSA Information Technology Security Conference in San Francisco, I certainly did not let that keep me from making the most of my time there. Click to read more about my experience.