New PAFs Transition to the Program

May 31, 2017
On Tuesday, April 18th we held our annual transition meeting. Led by first-year fellows Marisa and Zunara, we introduced the incoming cohort to the PAF program and had our first opportunity as a large group of three cohorts with the PAT to get to know the new PAFs. 
We started the meeting with a generous breakfast organized by the second-year cohort. Our professional development advisor, Mae led an introductory name-game ice breaker, which tested the PAFs’ ability to multi task with remembering names and order and thinking quick in response to an unexpected vegetable-shaped object being thrown around. 
Later, Grace and Dor led an activity to clarify the upcoming PAF schedule; we got into groups to discuss the various responsibilities and timeline for the next several months. Then, Alex led a team bonding challenge of getting a marble to roll from one corner of the room to a specific cup, where all we had were foot-long tubes that we had to connect and move as the marble progressed. After several trials and eventually lifting the table the cup was on, perhaps unexpected by Alex, we completed our task!
The meeting concluded with a positive outlook and excitement to get to know the incoming cohort and emphasized current PAFs’ commitment to continue enhancing the PAF program!

Dor Hirsh Bar Gai

Dor is a second year fellow pursuing a Master of Science in Environmental and Energy Management with a professional placement at the Division of Operations.