PAF Program Celebrates Graduating PAFs and the New Cohort

'17 commencement
May 31, 2017
On Friday, May 19th, amidst all the festivities of commencement, the graduating PAFs were celebrated and the incoming PAFs were welcomed at the annual PAF Commencement Reception. The PAFs also thanked President Steven Knapp and Barbara Porter for their ten years of service to the George Washington University. The PAFs presented President Knapp with a tar drum and him and Barbara with official PAF nametags, as a sign of our gratitude. President Knapp then delivered remarks on the longevity and continuing importance of the PAF program. 
The PAF program also had a chance to thank all those who have engaged with the program in the past year. This year, for the second year in a row, the entirety of the current PAF cohort has donated philanthropically to GW. Many PAF alumni have joined us in this effort. Even more PAF alumni have engaged with GW and PAF in other ways. 
Thank you to all who joined the celebration and continue to support the program. With PAF alumni, preceptors, current fellows, parents and family members, and the Advising Team in attendance, it was wonderful to see the PAFamily come together.
Please join all of us in congratulating the following graduating and incoming PAFs:
Graduating PAF Class of 2017:
Marcus Andrews
Zinhle Essamuah
Alec Nadeau
Angela Sako
Maxwell Tingle
Katherine Wynne
Incoming PAF Class of 2019:
Matthew Basista
Gabriela (Gaby) Madrid
Helen Christy Powell 
Emily Somberg
Ian Tang  

Grace Mausser

Grace is a second year fellow pursuing a Master of Public Policy with a professional placement in the Office of the President.