What Challenge are you Dealing with Today?

November 1, 2018

Woman looking at devices, facing a challenge

Fellows Teresse and Gaby presented on conflict management during the weekly meeting on Wednesday, October 10th. They first started by showing a clip from The Office and presenting the five ways to approach conflict, pictured below.

They then asked people their comfort levels in approaching conflict in general and then when it is a parent, roommate, or fellow. Most fellows changed their position based on the level of risk associated with the type of relationship. For example, one fellow described how with parents he is more competing because at the end of the day they are still family. On the other hand, he collaborates more with his roommates because that is a higher risk relationship where competing would not work.

mage result for conflict management styles


Teresse and Gaby also recognized that everyone has a conflict or challenge they are currently facing. They used the remaining time to allow fellows to seek advice on their conflict or challenge by using the Troika Consulting facilitation method. Fellows were asked “What is a challenge or conflict you are dealing with today?” They were able to receive feedback on the problem itself and listen to different ways to approach the situation. In sharing out, takeaways from the activity were validation and listening.