Zinhle Hosts Film Screening in Paris, During Short-Term Abroad

zinhle paris
March 31, 2017

In my final semester at GW, I excitedly signed up for the “Globalization in the Media” short-term abroad course through the School of Media and Public Affairs program. With the support of the PAF Professional and Academic Development Fund, I participated in the course in Paris, France, over spring break. 

It certainly was a timely moment to be in France, which is experiencing its own wave of controversial presidential elections and security threats. It was through such a context that I was able to present a sneak peek of my documentary film, “The Minority Vote,” to our class and faculty and students from the American University of Paris. The film focuses on five minority millennial voters as they navigate the 2016 presidential election. Though in a different country, the themes of the film resonated in this international setting, given the similar patterns France and Europe are experiencing in their political climates, immigration policies, and policing structures. 
Beyond sharing my work, our class had the opportunity to meet with dozens of influential voices in international media – including current and former representatives from UNESCO, New York Times, CNN, US Department of State, and more. Our professor, Lee Huebner, and other speakers offered valuable context for French culture and shared their predictions for the future of journalism. Today, the outlook for journalism around the world is exceedingly positive. The field, in all its forms – digital, film, written – is looking brighter and stronger today. That is something worth toasting to: as the French say, à votre santé!

Zinhle Essamuah

PAF Class of 2017
BA '15
MA '17