PAF News

Group Photo at 2016 PAF Commencement Reception

Family, Alumni, and the PAF Community Celebrate the Graduation of PAFs New and Old

May 23, 2016

The 2016 PAF Commencement Reception brought together individuals whose support was crucial to the success of the recent PAF graduates and also served to welcome the incoming PAF cohort.

2014-2016 Cohort at Commencement

A Goodbye Listicle from the 2014-2016 Cohort

May 23, 2016

The 2014-2016 PAF Cohort's listicle about their friendship, growth, diva moments, service, laughs, and legacy as PAFs will leave you reminiscing, all gooshy inside, and LOL-ing.

2016-2018 Cohort at Commencement Reception

Transition Meeting Re-Cap

May 23, 2016

The PAF weekly meeting on Tuesday, April 19 gave the 2016-2018 PAF Cohort a first glimpse into the program as they met the current fellows and the PAF Advising Team.

2014-2016 Cohort Paper Plate Awards

PAF Awards for the 2014-2016 PAF Cohort

May 23, 2016

We could not let the 2014-2016 PAF Cohort leave without recognizing their accomplishments with some special “paper-plate" awards.

Thank You Anna!

May 23, 2016

As Anna transitions out of her role in the PAF program to a new position at the United Nations Foundation, we take a moment to say thank you. We are so grateful for all of Anna’s support this past year. We will miss her and her cheerful personality!

27th Cohort

Meet the 2016-2018 Cohort!

April 25, 2016

We are excited to introduce the newest members of the PAFamily – the members of the 27th cohort!

2016 Alumni Day of Service

Thank You for Joining the 2016 PAF Alumni Day of Service!

April 25, 2016

Thank you to all the alumni who joined us for the 2016 PAF Alumni Day of Service on Saturday, April 2, co-sponsored by the GW Alumni Association!

2016 Flag Day

PAF Participated in GW’s 2nd Annual Flag Day

April 25, 2016

On Tuesday, April 12 the university hosted its second annual Flag Day – a celebration of philanthropy on campus, where current students are encouraged to express their thanks to GW’s generous community of donors – especially alumni. Anna Mahalak, PAF program coordinator, and a number of current PAFs contributed to Flag Day in both its planning and execution stages. Click to read more about Flag Day.

Eric Thibault on Political Savvy

Business Chemistry with Eric Thibault

April 25, 2016

During our PAF weekly meeting on Tuesday, April 12, PAF alumnus Eric Thibault CCAS BA ’11 MPA ’13 led a professional development workshop based on Deloitte’s Business Chemistry tool to help PAFs better understand their own dominant patterns of behavior, as well as how to engage different behavior types. Click to read more about Business Chemistry.

Pascale Receives Alumni Outstanding Service Award

Pascale Dumit Awarded Alumni Outstanding Service Award

April 25, 2016

Congratulations to PAF alumna Pascale Dumit, SEAS BS ’03 MA ’05, on receiving the Alumni Outstanding Service Award from the GW Alumni Association!

Self-Knowledge Tips

April 25, 2016

Putting effort into developing self-knowledge is important for career success and satisfaction. By tuning into what motivates and drives you, what makes you tick, what strengths you possess, and your areas for development, you can find a better career match and enjoy a more fulfilling work life. Click to read about three quick tips to improve your self-knowledge.

Using Technology to Cultivate Creativity

April 25, 2016

For some, creativity comes naturally, while for others, the idea of being creative seems both amorphous and daunting. In order to make the competency’s various components more tangible to the PAFs, second-year fellow Ashlynn Profit utilized an online blog to engage fellow PAFs in learning about creativity as a professional development competency. Click to read more about the creative professional development experience.

#WWW 2nd Year Cohort


March 29, 2016

Throughout the month of March, Zinhle helped the The Global Women's Institute engage its #WhenWomenLead campaign to celebrate Women's History Month! Click to read more about the online campus engagement.

Crash Course in Developing a Social Media Campaign

March 29, 2016

During the fall semester I took a course dedicated to one of my favorite topics – social media in museums. Click to read more about my social media campaign project for the class.

Three Takeaways from PAF Diversity Training

March 29, 2016

Michael Tapscott led a diversity training for the current fellows to help us build cultural competence, push our boundaries, and check our assumptions. Click to read the three major takeaways from the diversity training session.